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Welcome to your TAFE NSW, Student Association web site!

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An Overview on your Student Associations:

TAFE NSW Student Associations provide benefits and educational support services to Members.  Educational support services include inexpensive photocopying, laminating, binding, faxing, discounts on retail items, and many other services.  In addition, many Student Associations provide local campus facilities such as outdoor furniture, shading, landscaping and vending machines by actively raising funds for refurbishments in partnership with the campus management.  Student Associations Officers also make an important contribution to college business. This may include operating TAFE Card photo capture stations and the provision of services such as parking, printing, photocopying and vending machines.

TAFE NSW Students Associations are generally managed by a Board of management in accordance with the rules of its constitution. A TAFE NSW Student Association Board is elected from current Members and comprises both students and staff.  There have been a number of occasions when TAFE NSW Student Associations have assisted in the conduct of consultations with students about major issues or initiatives.

Your Member Benefits:

Student Association Members are entitled to various benefits, depending on which campus you attend. You can access your benefits by showing your TAFE Card where discounts or events are offered.

While benefits vary from campus to campus, it is generally agreed that the voluntary Student Association membership provides great value for the annual $20 joining fee, and often much more in tangible and intangible benefits.  These services, benefits and improvements to campus facilities contribute positively to the education and training of our students.

Common membership benefits include useful branded products such as pens, carry bags, coffee mugs, pencil case, study guide and a student diary as well as on and off-campus discounts on a variety of goods and services. Most Associations offer on-campus lunchtime entertainment. Some campus Associations operate campus bookshops offering discounts to its members.

Some Membership Benefits Are:

  • Discounts in many retail shops
  • Discounts on textbooks and stationery at campus bookshops
  • Student rates on organised trips and activities
  • Concessional entry to some theatres
  • Access to discounted movie tickets
  • Many other benefits as provided by your local Student Association
  • Having your say in student issues by joining your Student Association Board

Off-campus benefits and connections of Student Associations are highly valued. Student Associations encourage student and staff volunteer involvement in support of the work of charities and local community groups. For example, there is an annual Raft-A-Thon coordinated by one of the Associations, with the involvement of several others, which has raised over $40,000 in three years for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and this is just one example of the many community partnerships the Associations have build up over the years.

To find out what your local benefits are, please visit our  Benefits Page  or  Contact your local Student Association!

Please Note:  Membership or associate membership of the Association commences on the day a person pays the membership fee and is valid only until the end of that calendar year.  No pro-rata discount shall apply.

TAFE Sport - what is it?!

Each year, TAFE NSW Student Associations participate in the AACA UniGames event.  The UniGames event is a unique opportunity for TAFE Students to compete with University students and receive state-wide recognition for sports participation - for more info, please visit .   Activities co-ordinated locally through Student Associations include not only the traditional team sports but also dance, gym work, aerobics, defence arts, yoga, nutrition, wellbeing and various activities - to find out more, please visit our What's On Page